Woody Dodge
Woody Dodge
Humble Me was released in 2012. Digital downloads are available for purchase, and you can order from us and get an actual, physical CD.

Humble Me - Woody Dodge

A man drives down a lonely road at night, dreaming of home. A rainstorm of biblical proportions brings on a natural (or is it a personal?) disaster. A spurned lover, with only coyote tracks to keep him company, clears his fence before the winter winds come to call him away. Another, perhaps luckier, man finds love, and the world bursts open like a bud in springtime (but Mama knows he better watch out).

Humble Me, the new CD release by Woody Dodge, features a dozen songs with straightforward yet subtle lyrics that effortlessly weave our physical and inner worlds into a seamless whole. The music is strong, like the American roots it springs from, but it spreads out and grows into its own unique forms, a wild patch of brambles, berries and blossoms. The singing is direct and plainspoken; the playing is steady and self-assured, the deft touch of seasoned craftsmen who have learned that it is the seemingly simple things that endure.

You may not be dazzled by flashy pyrotechnics in Humble Me, but you will be immersed in light, a light that illuminates, but also casts shadows, on all that we thought held no more surprises, like the light of the rising, or the setting, sun.
-Ken Frank