Woody Dodge

About Woody Dodge

Woody Dodge is an original, four-piece band based in Rochester, New York. Originally a collaborative effort between longtime friends, singer-songwriter Billy Lambert and drummer Sean Sullivan, the band soon evolved to its current lineup with the addition of guitarist Mark Wilcove in 1985 and bassist Jon Gary in 1987.

Woody Dodge is known for playing a distinctive blend of Americana that features elements of folk, rock, and country. Drawing upon Lambert’s strong songwriting, the band creates a unique blend of songs with a strong emphasis on lyrics, melody, and feeling. Because of their diversity and breadth, the band draws audiences from a wide range of musical tastes, providing a rich and engaging musical experience.

Woody Dodge released their first CD, Emma’s Dance in 1995. The album received critical acclaim within the college radio scene. Music from Emma’s Dance was also used on the network television soap opera, As the World Turns. The band released their second CD, Nature Is Strange in 1997.

Woody Dodge took a break from their hectic schedules in the late 90’s to raise families and pursue solo projects. During this period the band kept playing, evolving, and performing in upstate New York. Woody Dodge released their fourth CD, “Humble Me,” in 2012. Jeff Spevak of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle calls it “Americana roots rock of high order” The band will be touring to promote the disc.

Better Angels, their latest release, is the sequel to 2012’s Humble Me. Produced by Ken Frank and Tony Gross, Better Angels explores a broader soundscape while remaining true the band’s Americana feel. The release features ten original songs that reflect the real life experience of the band members, including the loss of family members, and the appreciation of those who remain.